Kit Pappenheimer



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Kit Pappenheimer has been a school principal, and executive director, and leadership coach and brings her unique skills and experience to RCF Connects’ Board of Directors. 

She holds aside a set amount of time for pro-bono work and serves as a caregiver and trainer for Zen Caregiving Project in San Francisco and Heartfelt Memorials, an online end-of-life service organization.

Previously, Kit has held the position of school principal running public schools (elementary, middle, and high), where she handled the challenges of leadership for individuals, small teams, and organizations.

She’s also served as the Executive Director of Open Floor International, the conscious movement organization in which for many years she has danced, and studied. In this role, she coordinated and creatively solved problems with a worldwide group of working members, across the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, and the US.

Today she’s primarily a leadership coach and trainer, bringing years of experience and a range of tools and skills to the teams and leaders she works with. She offers her unique brand of coaching and facilitation to leaders and leadership teams as well as non-profit boards and staff. 

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