Betty Geishirt Cantrell

SparkPoint Contra Costa Senior Director


Biographical Info

Betty Geishirt Cantrell, MSSW, MBA has been SparkPoint Contra Costa Director since its opening in June 2011. With an original goal to serve 185 people in the first year, the center already served well over 700 people in providing integrated services to promote financial stability.

Betty combines her clinical social work background (MSSW from the University of Wisconsin) with her business and management expertise (MBA from Memphis State University) in leading this SparkPoint center—a partnership of several different nonprofits working together to improve the multi-faceted aspects of peoples’ financial situations.

Betty has previously worked locally for CANFIT to promote health in communities of color, the Center for American Indian Research and Education and the Center for Human Development as their Development Director. She has also worked at Child and Family Services in Syracuse, directing their Sex Offender Treatment Program, Charter Lakeside Hospital in Memphis as the Chief of Social Services, and as the Rape Crisis Coordinator at the Education and Treatment Council in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

She is active in the community on the Advisory Board of the Business Development Center’s Kitchen@812, as an Officer with the Pleasant Hill Community Foundation and as a Member of the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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