Erica Yanez

Policy Advocacy Manager – Healthy Richmond


Biographical Info

Erica is originally from San Pablo and has a passion for Community Development in disadvantaged environments. Being first-generation, and coming from a predominantly low-income family, at a young age she was able to see the different levels of disparities her home, schools, and community were facing in comparison to other surrounding neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area. Seeing the disadvantages firsthand encouraged her to seek out volunteer programs and clubs that helped alleviate any form of suffering in low-income communities during her youth.  Her career revolves around solving the social, political and economical disadvantages low-income communities face.

Erica’s second passion is traveling and seeing the world up close and personal.  She says that she takes each travel experience as a self-learning/teaching moment because, “We all come from different areas in this world, but have a common interest to live in a sustainable, functioning world.”

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