Johanna Garcia

Grants Manager


Biographical Info

Before taking on the Grant Manager position, Johanna was part of SparkPoint Contra Costa as a site manager for two years. Johanna’s knowledge of the inner workings of SparkPoint and RCF Connects combined with her experience with every level of grants management, makes Johanna particularly suited for great success as our Grants Manager.  Under her meticulous leadership, our organization will expand, grow and flourish.

Before her tenure with SparkPoint Contra Costa, Johanna came to us from Catholic Charities of the East Bay where she spent half a decade honing her professional career. An alumnae of UC Berkeley, Joanna has experience as an advocate in West County for over a decade. We are so grateful she decided to bring her talents to SparkPoint’s Richmond office. “My heart is in assisting immigrant communities,” she told us, “the goal is to empower people to become self-sufficient and thrive in their new community, the community I call home.”

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