Miriam Stephanie Sequeira

SparkPoint Coordinator at Dover


Biographical Info

Miriam Stephanie Sequeira is an active parent and community member with a history of involvement in the educational process geared toward enriching the learning experience for all West Contra Costa students.

As a first-generation resident of Richmond with family origins from Nicaragua, and as an English-learner herself, Stephanie has a clear understanding of the value a proper education provides students and communities by creating individual pathways to success.

Stephanie’s involvement in local education issues through the Bay Area PLAN workshops, was focused on building parent engagement and advocacy skills.  In November 2016, she ran for Board of West Contra Costa Unified School District.

“I never saw myself running for anything let alone a seat on School Board, but when you see the people that are supposed to be making decisions to better the education of our children not focus on the true needs of those children, made me want to run.  Unity is what can make changes, all it takes is breaking down walls and uniting the bridges that have been put up to separate us.”

RCF and SparkPoint are honored that Stephanie has decided to lend her talents, experience and passion to SparkPoint Coordinator at Dover Elementary School.


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