Theresa Kula

Career Center Coordinator/VITA Site Coordinator


Biographical Info

Theresa Kula was raised in Vallejo and moved to Pittsburg in 2000 with her husband after giving birth to her daughter. Theresa successfully completed the Opportunity Junction Computer Training Program in 2004.  For several years Theresa was a private caregiver and enjoyed taking care of her clients.

On December 2012, Theresa started working for Bay Point Works-SparkPoint through the Work Employment Contra Costa Program; her main role was to assist the Coordinator in the IRS-VITA filing taxes.

Theresa studied and passed the beginning and intermediate IRA tax test, and quickly took on more responsibilities. When her time expired with the WEX program; she was hired by Bay Point Works-SparkPoint to be the VITA Site Coordinator and run a year-round site; she loves helping people and offering the free service to the community. Theresa wants to build a brighter future for her family and has return to Los Medanos College to pursue a degree in Business Management.

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