eQuip Richmond is a strategic initiative, funded by Chevron, to improve the quality of life of residents in Richmond and North Richmond. The goal of eQuip Richmond is to establish partnerships that can enhance existing opportunities to build capacity, fill jobs with local hires, and improve conditions for local residents.

In 2011, Chevron embarked on a vision for a thoughtful, in-depth plan that would promote shared, sustainable economic growth and build the capacity of local organizations serving the community. In order to do so, they enlisted the help of economic development experts to develop a collaborative process after nearly two years of input from a diverse cross section of stakeholders.

RCF Connects (formerly Richmond Community Foundation) was selected as Lead Agency for the initiative in 2014, and works with Chevron to create the necessary conditions for the smooth and effective implementation and integration of projects by eQuip Richmond Partners.

eQuip Richmond goes beyond traditional revitalization strategies to uplift residents and address the economic needs of the whole community.  It is funding innovative, targeted community wealth-building strategies to prepare residents for the workforce, encourage small business development, and create pathways to sustainable, living wage or better jobs and careers in growth industries.

eQuip Richmond has the following goals and objectives:

  • Increase and sustain community economic viability through services that improve economic self-sufficiency and help small businesses create and sustain jobs.
  • Build the capacity of Richmond/North Richmond community organizations to deliver economic benefits to their communities.
  • Build individual capacity and improve conditions for current residents.
  • Upgrade the community’s infrastructure and economic engines.

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