Access to quality education that meets students’ individual needs is a defining characteristic of a sustainable community. Quality education includes both quality instruction and quality facilities, and is not only important for the children receiving it, but for our local and global economies. Education is one of the most important investments a community can make, as it reduces poverty and crime rates, increases income and economic growth, promotes gender equality, and much more.

At Richmond Community Foundation, one of our main goals is to increase the quality of education for the children of Richmond and Contra Costa County through properly-trained instructors and well-maintained facilities. When children in our community receive a quality education, they are more likely to successfully graduate from high school to pursue a college degree or become a productive member of the workforce. This lowers the poverty rate, improves our local communities, motivates future generations, and increases our economic stability. We are able to work towards a better future for our community’s children through wonderful initiatives, such as the West Contra Costa Literacy Coalition.