Access to health care, mental health services, nutritious foods, and healthy environments are vital to making a community healthy and active. Healthy children attend school more regularly, and their academic and extracurricular performances generally improve. Healthy adults increase their economic viability by being more active in the workforce and their community, expressing themselves culturally and artistically, and participating in more recreational activities.

When one’s community is healthy, diseases such as AIDS or HIV are less likely to be transmitted. People are also generally happier, as they are more productive and participating in more activities. People who describe themselves as healthy are reportedly 20 percent happier than the average person. Human health also leads to longer, more fulfilling lives, community and economic growth, and so much more. At Richmond Community Foundation, we strive to make quality health services and environments in Richmond, CA and Contra Costa County available to all.

We work with wonderful initiatives like Ensuring Opportunity and Healthy Richmond to provide healthcare access and affordability, policies for paid leave and paid sick days, accessible nutrition, and policies that integrate mental health objectives. For more information on our Health-related programs and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.