There are many ways to improve public safety other than law enforcement—environmentally-sound designs, safe walkways to schools and community centers, and well-supervised playing fields are just a few ways to improve public safety. Public safety is a crucial aspect to community development.

Case studies have shown that strategic environmental designs or redesigns of public spaces, such as parks, have dramatically reduced crime in these areas. When a public space has an environmentally-sound design with accessible walkways and means of transportation, the public is more likely to visit. This increased foot traffic draws attention to any criminal behaviors that may happen in the space, thus driving crime away.

With crime being driven from these locations, local small businesses and families thrive. Not only is this space now a haven for safe recreational activities, it is a potential hub for new economies and improved schools. Public safety also encompasses the protection of children, the elderly, the disabled, and other individuals from broken concrete in walkways, fire hazards, unstable trees, and much more.

At Richmond Community Foundation, we work with many nonprofits, individuals and initiatives to improve the public safety and spaces of Richmond and Contra Costa County. For more information on our future projects, or if you have any questions, please contact us today.