For more than 15 years, RCF has brought people together through the Nystrom United Revitalization Effort (NURVE), to create safe, diverse and thriving places, where kids walk to quality schools, people of all ages use the parks and community facilities, and a variety of housing options meet the needs of local residents.

NURVE is a collaborative effort between the RCF Connects and various City, County and community entities. Through this partnership, we are committed to a comprehensive, long-term approach to community revitalization—one that honors the history of its people and places.  Our partners include the City of Richmond, Contra Costa County, community residents, Bay Area LISC, West Contra Costa Unified School District, National Park Service, Richmond Housing Authority (RHA), Santa Fe, Coronado, and Iron Triangle neighborhood councils, among others.

Group around a podium
Man walking with three kids all with blue tops
Man walking beside group of kids all wearing white tops and shorts
Man with hi-vis vest walking beside a group of school boys
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A’s Field Opening with Josh Reddick
Celebrating the MLK Park Opening
Celebrating the MLK Park Opening
Celebrating the MLK Park Opening
Celebrating the MLK Park Opening
Celebrating the MLK Park Opening

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The goal of NURVE is to rebuild five key community assets that community members identify as critical to achieving a vibrant community:


Long neglected, MLK Park was the first community asset to be rebuilt through NURVE.  With support from the Oakland Raiders and an NFL field grant, along with investments from the Oakland A’s and the Golden State Warriors, MLK Park is now one of the premier parks in the East Bay, serving more than 50,000 visitors per year.



Built in 1942 by Henry Kaiser and the Maritime Commission to serve parents working in the home front efforts of World War II, this center provided state of the art children’s programs and services for decades.  However, due to deferred maintenance and other issues, the Center closed and remained boarded up for many years.  Now fully rebuilt, the Center is the home to Richmond College Prep Elementary School and Richmond Community Foundation’s offices, and is part of the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park.



Completed in 2016 and funded by Measure J bonds, Nystrom Elementary School has been completely rebuilt. The historic character of the school has been preserved and a new multi-purpose building has been added to the campus to complement the future MLK Community Center so that the two spaces will act as one for students and the community.



  • Nystrom Village
  • MLK Community Center