Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) is a leading innovator in the field of philanthropy and community change.

RCF takes its mission very seriously: to harness the power of philanthropy to build healthy, sustainable communities.  Your support helps RCF do this in three important ways:

  • Coach: Providing capacity-building programs, workshops and grants to help local non-profit leaders and their staff better serve the needs of the community;
  • Connect: Connecting and leveraging resources and expertise for the highest impact in the community by hosting convenings such as the Northern California Summit on Children & Youth, and by leading county-wide initiatives such as SparkPoint Contra Costa;
  • Contribute: Working with individual and institutional donors to ensure maximum impact for their philanthropy.

RCF provides visionary leadership to foster collaboration, partnership and innovation that has community-wide impact on a scale that is unprecedented. For example, The New York Timesrecognized RCF for its Social Impact Bond strategy for reducing housing blight, a new financing tool that leverages private capital for community impact.

You make a difference! Our future depends on the positive action we take together to build a vibrant community.

“So rare in my years with the foundation community have I seen a combination of proximity to the grit, to the rough stuff, the voices, to street, (and not just proximity, but willingness to get dirty, to engage), to help craft solutions anchored in real, headed for hope. I mean it. The laughter of the kids outside the RCF office is a metaphor: their voices, your mission.”
– John A. “Jack” Calhoun, Sr. Consultant, National League of Cities; Senior Consultant,
U.S. Department of Justice; President, Hope Matters

We are grateful for all support that helps us address the growing needs we see around us. Please help us make a difference in our own backyard.
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