New leadership development and advocacy training opportunity in Contra Costa County.


When you join the Collaborative Advocacy and Power Partnership (CAPP) cohort, you will benefit from a nine-month, highly interactive, and highly collaborative learning and planning process. 

What is the Collaborative Advocacy Power Partnership (CAPP) project?

CAPP is a collaboration of the Ensuring Opportunity Campaign (EO)  and First 5 Contra Costa’s Family Economic Security Partnership (FESP). CAPP’s goal is to build a broad, well-connected, and powerful base of community organizations and residents who jointly advocate for systems and policies that improve residents’ lives.

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View our CAPP Information Session (presented in English and Español) we aired on May 10.


Who should join CAPP? 
Contra Costa residents (click for details)

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Your voice and experiences are vitally important to inform how our systems can best serve residents, and what needs we should be prioritizing in our advocacy efforts. 

  • We are looking for up to 20 residents with lived experience of economic/racial inequities in Contra Costa County.
  • You don’t need to be associated with any organization or particular group to join the cohort.

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Advocacy organizations (click for details)

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We need your ability to mobilize residents and speak truth to power, to ensure we are doing this work equitably. 

  • We are seeking up to 10 advocacy organizations (501 c3, c4 or C6) that are already engaged in advocacy and community organizing, and that want to share advice and strategies, deepen system shifts, find new allies, expand collaboration within and across issue areas, and support new voices at decision-making tables.
  • Advocacy organizations are encouraged to invite a resident leader to participate.

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Direct service providers (click for details)

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We value your expertise and knowledge of what is happening on the ground. Your participation in the CAPP program is crucial to its success.

  • We are looking for a diverse group of up to 10 direct service provider organizations that are motivated to learn and move into action around advocacy. We seek organizations working on a variety of issues related to economic, social and racial justice, such as housing, early childhood, economic security, food security, criminal justice reform, safety net, the arts, environment, health equity, immigrant rights, justice reform, senior services, and more.
  • Each organization is expected to bring a team, including a manager, line worker, resident constituent, and board member.  (Note that board member participation can be limited to key points). We encourage organizations of all sizes to participate, so If capacity is a concern, please reach out to us to discuss.

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How to apply 

Applications are being accepted now. The deadline to apply is May 21.
We will announce the inaugural cohort members by June 18 and the cohort will launch in July.

Use este enlace para aplicar en Español –


For more information, contact Mariana Moore or Fran Biderman, program co-leaders. 


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