1. Fund Information

    2. Grant Recipient

    3. Grant Amount and Purpose

    4. Acknowledgement Information



    5. Special Instructions

    6. Certifiction
    I understand that this grant recommendation must be approved by the Board of Directors of Richmond Community Foundation, which is guided by the governing documents and grant making policies of the Foundation. I certify that this grant recommendation adheres to the Grant Restrictions listed below and that no person will receive benefits in exchange for this grant (e.g. tickets to events) or use this grant to fulfill membership dues or pledges. I acknowledge that language to this effect may be added to the grant transmittal letter.

    Grant Guidelines
    The Richmond Community Foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) public charities and government entities with United States affiliation.

    The minimum grant recommendation amount is $250.

    Grant Processes
    Upon verification of the designated organization’s tax-exempt status, and consent of the Board of Directors of the Richmond Community Foundation, a payment will be made directly to the organization.

    Please allow up to three weeks for the Foundation to process this grant recommendation.

    Copies of the grant check cover letter are mailed to the Lead Advisor of the fund.

    Grant Restrictions

    Grants cannot be made from donor advised funds to private non-operating foundations, international organizations or to individuals.

    Grants cannot be made from donor advised funds for memberships, fulfillment of pledges, tickets to events, or anything else that provides benefits to the donor.

    Donors, their advisors, and related parties may not receive grants, loans, compensation or similar payments (including expense reimbursements) from their donor advised funds.

    Questions? Please contact Stacey Street, Chief Development Officer at 510/234-1200 ext. 302
    or email sstreet@richmondcf.org