The simplest way to leave a gift to benefit our community is to make a bequest that includes specific language in your will or living trust naming Richmond Community Foundation as the recipient of a testamentary gift. The gift can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or what remains after other bequests (including those to family members). A bequest is ideal for families and individuals who want:

  Complete access to all their assets during their lifetime

  To make a difference in their community after their lifetime

  To redirect dollars from taxes to the causes and/or organizations of their choice

To get started, discuss your overall estate planning with your advisor; include sample language provided by RCF in your will when making a charitable bequest. RCF can also provide you or your advisor with a customized Fund Agreement if you desire to establish a permanent fund with your bequest.

To view the Bequest overview form, please click here.

To view a sample Bequest Language, please click here.