Field of Interest Funds allow you to invest in the causes you care about the most.  Field of Interest Funds are established with an initial gift to the Richmond Community Foundation for a broad area of impact, such as education or the arts. Once the fund has been established, the donor instructs the Community Foundation to use the available grant dollars in the impact area, rather than restricting the money to one organization. The Foundation determines the specific grant recipients. Field of Interest Funds are flexible enough to meet changing community needs in specific interest areas.

  Establish a fund that targets a charitable cause you feel strongly about, such as education, the environment, health, etc.


  Richmond Community Foundation selects grantees within that field of interest.


  You are entitled to claim an income tax charitable deduction in the year(s) in which gifts are made to the fund.


To download the Field of Interest Funds worksheet, please click here.

To download the Field of Interest Funds agreement, please click here.