RCF focuses on capacity-building programs in order to strengthen and help local nonprofits become self-sustaining to better serve the needs of the community. These programs also help nonprofit organizations become investment worthy.

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Workshops and Trainings

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The support La Cheim has received from Richmond Community Foundation has been and continues to be transformative for our agency. As, grantees, we received training tools we needed to improve our understanding of cultural differences, to strengthen our clinical skills, and to reach more people in need. The inspiring annual RCF Summits have continued to open our minds to the needs, strengths and potential of Richmond youth and families. Now, through the Community Leadership Institute, RCF is lifting La Cheim to a whole new level of organizational competence, helping to ensure our ability to serve the Richmond and Bay Area community with compassion, integrity and effectiveness into the future.
Frances Raeside

The Community Leadership Institute is not only a one-time workshop, it is an ongoing program that has given incredible support through the resources, communication and networking it provides. Thank you Richmond Community Foundation for this opportunity.
Tiffany Harris

So rare in my years with the foundation community have I seen a combination of proximity to the grit, to the rough stuff, the voices, to street, (and not just proximity, but willingness to get dirty, to engage), to help craft solutions anchored in real, headed for hope. I mean it. The laughter of the kids outside the RCF office is a metaphor: their voices, your mission.
John A. “Jack” Calhoun
Sr. Consultant, National League of Cities; Senior Consultant, U.S. Department of Justice; President, Hope Matters

Richmond Community Foundation has been extremely pivotal and integral in collective impact work: knowing who should be at the table, bringing diverse partners together, and insisting on the effectiveness of the collaborative model.
Jasmine Tarkoff
Resident of Lafayette, co-convener of Multi-Faith ACTION Coalition and RCF partner