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“In this, my first year of leadership at NIAD, we’ve experienced so much growth and positive change – but even positive change can be unsettling. As NIAD has undergone a comprehensive program redesign, and as we expand our notion of impact in our community, it is so helpful for me as an ED to have the partnership of a coaching program that focuses on embodied presence – and to know that other leaders in Richmond are receiving similar support. Coaching through RCF helped me deepen my connection to who I am and how I hope to work in Richmond – with grounded presence and relationships of trust. As NIAD continues to grow, we are aiming to make Embodied Leadership Coaching available to all interested staff members and artists so that we are including all the resources they bring to NIAD – mind, body, and sense of mission in our work together.” – Amanda Eicher, Executive Director, NIAD Art Center 


Today’s leaders must be skilled in multiple roles and able to build trust, inspire others, and use creativity in complex community and organizational challenges.

In RCF Connects’ Embodied Leadership Coaching program, we work with and through the body to support leaders to take new actions. Coaching deepens the capacity of individual leaders and their communities and organizations, by supporting leaders as they apply their knowledge and embody their values in the midst of change, challenge, or opportunity. It also helps leaders be better connectors, a core organizational strategy for RCF. The conversations and practices help strengthen and deepen relationships with others, and in turn support stronger staff teams, coalitions, and community projects.

“It was certainly something I had never done before but the experience was good. I still find myself using the practices I learned.” – Gregory Medley, Bethel Community Services

As a participant in the Embodied Leadership Coaching Program, you will receive a minimum of 12 one-on-one coaching sessions roughly twice a month from April to December 2020. Each session is directed by you and designed to reach your goals. Our cohort model also offers peer support and stronger connections between leaders across Contra Costa County.

We also offer team coaching for organizations that want the support of an outside facilitator to reach their goals.

What do you long for? Coaching can support you and your organization to take consistent actions toward the future you want. We have collectively worked with dozens of leaders to support their goals. Here are the topics they have chosen to work on:

-Fundraising and finances -Board Development
-Strategic planning and visioning -Supporting other leaders/staff
-Storytelling and communications -Individual and collective resilience
Collaboration Leadership transitions
Equity and social change

“Through Embodied Leadership Coaching I have been able to explore and enhance my personal strengths and develop new awareness of mind, body, soul. I’ve learned valuable skills to approaching new and changing environments and expectations in my work.” – Amelia Lopez, former Program Coordinator, Regional Sector Partnership


“Kelly is an excellent leadership coach. I enjoyed her wealth of knowledge in many areas and her guidance towards how I can lean into and expand upon my strengths. Kelly authentically understood and supported my growth as a Black woman in leadership and she never shied away from the complexities of race and equity.” Sheryl Lane, Executive Director, Building Blocks for Kids


 Our program is expanding!

We are seeking additional credentialed coaches for virtual sessions with community leaders. (Download RFQ)


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