The Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) focuses on nonprofit capacity building as a way to strengthen nonprofits and our community as a whole, as well as enhance the effectiveness of our organizations. Nonprofit capacity building is the improvement of capabilities, knowledge or resources, so an agency can achieve its mission more effectively. 

RCF’s capacity-building strategy focuses on the following categories*:

Mission, Vision, and Strategy

  • ​Strategic Planning
  • Organizational assessment and development
  • Business plan an/or social enterprise development
Governance and Leadership

  • Board development
  • Executive transition
  • Ledership development
  • Staff training and professional development
Strategic Relationships

  • Collaboration and/or strategic restructuring
  • Coalition building
Internal Operations

  • Human resources
  • Emergency procedures and continuance of operations plans
  • Volunteer management
  • Financial management
  • Facility planning
  • Computers, networking and data security
  • Fundraising/Grant writing
  • Marketing and communications
  • Web design and development

*Other topics added according to community need.