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RCF Connects strives for healthy, thriving communities that are safe and diverse, and where families flourish and children are given new hope for a bright and abundant future.  RCF partners with the community to inspire leadership and share the vision for work in five areas:  Community Growth, Health, Restoring Neighborhoods, Education, Public Safety.

RCF Connects impacts these five areas through the three C’s of Community Building: Coach, Connect, Contribute.



02/26/2021 8:09:41 PM
. @AntiochCAGov, meet the demands of #Justice4AngeloQuinto's family NOW: 1) a 24/7 #MilesHall non-police mental health crisis response team, 2) independent police accountability, and 3) end the use of knee-to-neck restraint used to murder #GeorgeFloyd and used on #AngeloQuinto RichmondCF photo
02/26/2021 7:53:49 PM
. @AntiochCAgov is meeting in response to @AntiochPolice killing Angelo Quinto. Stream & comment (2/26, 5pm): Email comments to cityclerk by 3pm TODAY. Learn more:
02/25/2021 4:32:59 PM
Whoa! Thanks for spreading the word!
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Telemill @Telemill
I'm always talking about WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER. Well, there's a workshop tonight Feb 25th @ 6PM (Pacific). Talking about how "we the ordinary people" can take back our power and let our voices be heard. Register at: (it's free)
02/25/2021 4:27:39 PM
Workshop tonight, Feb 25th at 6PM. How to get involved in local politics and change your community for the better! Registration is free RichmondCF photo
02/18/2021 4:44:35 AM
Join our “Asking for a Friend” (everything you wanted to know about the stimulus and tax credits) virtual information session.

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30 pm
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