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RCF Connects strives for healthy, thriving communities that are safe and diverse, and where families flourish and children are given new hope for a bright and abundant future.  RCF partners with the community to inspire leadership and share the vision for work in five areas:  Community Growth, Health, Restoring Neighborhoods, Education, Public Safety.

RCF Connects impacts these five areas through the three C’s of Community Building: Coach, Connect, Contribute.

Our Five Pillars

Restoring Neighborhoods


Creating capital investments in a neighborhood changes the physical environment from one of neglect to one of strength.


Access to health care, nutritious foods and healthy environments improves the lives of individuals and communities.

Community Growth

Increasing Wealth and stimulating the local economy improves the livelihood of individuals, families and entire communities.

Quality Education

Access to quality education (instruction and facilities) is a defining characteristic of a sustainable community.

Public Safety

Sound design, safe walkways and supervised playing fields are just some elements that help increase public safety and wellbeing.


07/21/2021 7:30:37 PM
#ChildTaxCredit: A partir del 15 de julio, familias elegibles recibirán un pago mensual de hasta $300 por cada niño menor de 6 años y hasta $250 por cada niño de 6 años o más. RichmondCF photo
07/21/2021 7:27:15 PM
#ChildTaxCredit: Starting July 15, eligible families will receive a monthly payment of up to $300 for each child under 6 and up to $250 for each child age 6 and above. RichmondCF photo
07/21/2021 1:55:21 PM
RichmondCF photo
The White House @WhiteHouse
On July 15th, nearly all working families will start seeing $250 to $300 per child automatically deposited in their bank accounts or sent to their mailboxes. #ChildTaxCredit THREAD: 1/7
07/08/2021 5:03:18 PM
Get ready! Through @CACleanMobility @RCFConnects has been awarded $1 MILLION to launch a shared mobility project to provide new, clean, equitable transportation options to residents in our community. @CAClimateInvest #CleanMobilityForAll RichmondCF photo
07/06/2021 7:07:04 PM
Residentes de Contra Costa: Puede ser elegible para el servicio de Internet de bajo costo. El acceso en línea es más importante que nunca (aprendizaje a distancia, citas médicas en persona con telemedicina, trabajando de forma remota, etc.). Visite RichmondCF photo